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About Us

Reduce Utility BillsUtilities are a top ten expense item in the operating budgets of many organizations. The popular perception is that such expenses are a cost of doing business over which companies have little control other than to simply pass them along to customers. The reality is that having an experienced team oversee your utilities provides an incredible opportunity to manage to generate savings like those achieved with other expense items that are properly managed.

This is where Utility Managers comes in

For most companies, utilities are simply too important, strategically, and too costly to be left to inexperienced resources, or vendor-biased representatives; or worse, to be ignored.  Most companies can benefit from a partner who is focused and has the expertise and proven track record to ensure that risks are minimized and benefits are optimized when it comes to managing energy accounts.

Based in St. Louis, MO, Utility Managers is a leading national utility manager of electricity, natural gas, water, waste, sewer and solid waste expenditures for our clients. We specialize in finding savings within these accounts. Most of our recommendations require no capital expenditure and can generate meaningful savings in a short period of time, often within weeks of implementing our strategies.

In addition, Utility Managers can assist in developing and managing sustainability programs, or Green Initiatives. Successes in this arena can have a dramatic impact on your organization's public image as well as provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Mission Statement

Utility Managers builds long-term relationships with our clients by helping them make the best possible utility decisions for their organizations. The solutions we deliver will, ultimately improve bottom-line performance through reduced costs and enhanced market presence.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to our clients is honest and simple; Utility Managers will become an integral part of your Management team and will help meet the needs of all your organizations' stakeholders.